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The program generates the huffman encoded text of a given text. Also, it can generate the decoded text of a string of bites.

Huffman Codification

For the Huffman Codification you only have to set the mode to Encode and press the run button. The Huffman Codification will be generated in the Encoded text section by pressing the Run button.
The output will be the encoded text and the codification. The codification has the following structure:
  1. the codified character [first line]
  2. the codification [second line]
  3. number of occurrences [third line]

Huffman Decodification

Huffman Decodification is called if the Mode field is set to Decode. You must have a codification in the Codification box and you also have to write the encoded text. To test it, try to encode something, then edit the Encoded text field, then decode what you have.

Huffman Coding Example


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